Most mothers believed that strengthening new parent-teenage relationships could also help keep the youngster safe

In contrast, a daddy-situated sexual exposure choices intervention rooted throughout the social constructs out of familismo could also need messages about how adolescent involvement within the chance habits have bad consequences not merely towards the teenage, but for the bigger friends program

A primary motif to emerge from the main focus organizations try the latest difficulties of parenting adolescents when you look at the a minimal-earnings, urban society. All the parents regarding the focus organizations was basically conscious the internal-town environs of one’s south Bronx displayed novel dangers for their teenagers. However, even though moms and dads indicated concern with the risks posed on the teenagers alt com mobile, almost all expressed believe inside their capacity to invoke child-rearing tips built to keep kids safe from damage. One another Dominican and you can Puerto Rican moms and dads discussed the way they tracked and you can supervised their adolescents’ whereabouts, choices, and you will colleagues. Adolescents, due to their part, looked quicker worried about the dangers exhibited by living in new inner-city. However, those people teenagers just who talked about risks for the “the road” in addition to expressed trust you to the mothers you’ll enact particular practices to help you have them secure.

Inattention into variety off Latino subgroups and you can parenting appearances you will inadvertently perpetuate an unfinished comprehension of mother or father-adolescent relationship in the Latino group. Regardless of the cultural heterogeneity off Latina parents and you can teenagers on focus teams, the results of one’s studies indicate layouts common because of the Dominican and you can Puerto Rican players in the place of to themes novel so you can for every subgroup. As the countries of these two teams vary, the latest Dominican and Puerto Rican mothers and you can kids within attempt got equivalent views regarding the productive tips for increasing college students within the an excellent low-income, urban ecosystem. Our lookup shows that the new participant parents deal with similar parenting challenges as a function of staying in a metropolitan, resource-terrible area and therefore this type of common pressures will get hidden specific social variations one or even might appear alot more popular anywhere between both of these communities.

The fresh concurrence regarding answers of child-rearing practices out-of parents and you may kids was distinguished. The lack of variability in responses is owing to several facts. You are able that more youthful adolescents are quicker effective at highlighting fairly to their feedback out-of most useful or energetic child-rearing practices, and therefore only define whatever they discover from their individual relatives expertise in child-rearing techniques. It is possible your mutual environment possess triggered similar feedback certainly one of parents and you may kids out of active parenting.

For example, traditional moms and dad-created interventions to cease teenage chance practices eg untimely sexual sex will focus on the bad consequences regarding enacting the brand new conclusion during the private level (including, moms and dads should show texts regarding bad outcomes out of unintended pregnancy and you can intimately transmitted ailment)

The outcome exhibited right here give an abundant breakdown of parenting methods away from Dominican and you can Puerto Rican household when you look at the a northeastern urban means. Your reader is preferred to meticulously pertain these types of conclusions so you can Latino group residing in various parts of the nation. Because of the study’s focus on parents and teens, the latest role away from fathers wasn’t explicitly believed. I acknowledge the possibility that fathers in conventional Latino home get imagine completely different child-rearing positions than simply parents, and that this study was not capable capture. Our very own mother-teenage sets was basically recruited on the same middle school in the southern area Bronx, Ny. Every users lived-in economically disadvantaged urban neighborhoods, which ilies residing about You. Our findings didn’t strongly recommend major Latino subgroup variations. Dominican and Puerto Rican mother-adolescent sets presented more similarities than just differences, and you will group set better increased exposure of potential risks of child-rearing relating to their community. We realize of partners degree which have carefully analyzed brand new parenting situations of these two teams.

The outcome your investigation strongly recommend multiple the brand new rules having public functions routine, search, while the creativity and research from mother-dependent intervention apps. Our conclusions highlight the necessity of partnering Latino cultural constructs towards specialized types of parenting to help you depict much more correctly the new parenting conclusion away from Latino parents. I strongly recommend framing the newest child-rearing size of demandingness and you can responsiveness in terms of the brand new Latino maxims of familismo, respeto, personalismo, simpatia, and gender character differentiations regarding machismo and you may marianismo. Such as for instance combination allows in earlier times misclassified Latino parenting means becoming finest knew within larger parenting build architecture. Public specialists handling Latino family or development relatives-built interventions for Latino moms and dads is also attract the latest classic proportions from demandingness and you may responsiveness, nonetheless tend to be winning of the grounding instance treatments within the this type of core constructs.